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Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Innovative security systems

This project explores the antagonistic threats affecting supply chains. Industries are directly affected by theft threats whose magnitude is testified by the statistics computed by the European Parliament. At the same time new regulations about inspections and certifications are being issued by governments around the world  to combat terror activities.

There is a high possibility that these regulations will become compulsory in the future forcing supply chains’ stakeholders to follow them. These ongoing events show the necessity for coordinating theft and terror related initiatives in a profitable way for private and public stakeholders. This could be done by building knowledge across companies and governments about available security solutions, their future development within  the next 5 years and their feasibility with upcoming regulations and private certifications.

Mathematical models and cost/benefits frameworks are also necessary for the assessment of performance of such security solutions and to support investments’ decision taking. These will be developed within this project.

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