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Supply chain risk management

There are different project related to Supply chain risk management, described in short below. First some project related to risk & gain sharing and incentive alignment, later project related to risk analysis regarding freight of dangerous goods.

Contracts for supply chain risk and gain sharing: a case study of the Telecom Industry

The purpose of the project is to provide increased knowledge in the area of supply chain management, specifically how contracts can be used as an instrument for risk and reward sharing in a supply chain. The project studies different companies and a number of contract in a three-tier telecom supply chain. The methodology is case study research.

The project has been ongoing for some years, financed by e.g. ESCA (Ericsson Supply Chain Academy) and VINNOVA.

For more information, contact Andreas Norrman,

Alignment of Supply chain profit & risk sharing mechanisms with Supply chain structures & business

The main purpose of the project is to develop frameworks and models to better describe, analyze and understand the interrelation between changes in supply chains structures/business models and  their incentive structures for risk & gain sharing.

A first study, resulting in a licentiate thesis (Lundin 2008) had the purpose to Create a framework for describing and analysing misalignments in the supply chain which relates to changes in supply chain structures, processes, and management components.

The project started 2006, and will continue. It has been financed by NGIL (VINNOVA) but parts of done in cooperation with The Riksbank, Kontanthanteringsrådet.

Main researcher is PhD-student Johan Lundin, project leader Andreas Norrman

For more information contact

Johan Lundin, 
or Andreas Norrman,