Teknisk Logistik

Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Kembro, Joakim

My research and teaching is focused on three main areas:

i) Humanitarian Logistics: Research projects include forecasting of demand related to refugee crises and preparedness initiatives in emergency response. I teach a Master's course in Humanitarian Logistics, partly based on my five years of work experience with the United Nations.

ii) Warehousing and Materials Handling: Research projects include omni-channel logistics in retail with focus on the distribution network design of handling nodes (such as distribution center and the physical store), information systems, and new technology in warehousing. I teach a Master's course in Warehousing and Materials Handling, which provides the latest knowledge in the area and builds on real cases from industry, company visits, and guest lectures.

iii) Information Sharing in the Supply Chain: Particularly, I am interested in the importance and feasibility of sharing information across three or more tiers (supplier - manufacturer - Customer)