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The Division of Engineering Logistics conducts research in the broad field of supply chain management. Our research deals with various aspects of strategy, design, planning and control, measurement and development of supply chains.

Our recent research is primarily focusing on the following areas:

  • Global supply chain management  
    • HPM – an international survey study
    • Reshoring of manufacturing
    • Tax-aligned supply chains
  • Supply chain digitalization
    • Blockchain technology in supply chains 
    • Supply chain integration, information sharing and visibility
  • Sustainable supply chains 
    • Critical infrastructure flows
    • Humanitarian logistics
    • Supply chain risk management
  • Purchasing and supply management
    • Sourcing in turbulent times
  • Process and change management
    • Contextual factors for change mgt
    • Performance measurement systems
  • Distribution management
    • Retail distribution
    • Warehouse automation technology 

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Doctoral education

Doctoral courses are offered on demand and when a sufficiently large group of doctoral students is able to participate.