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The mission of the Division of Engineering Logistics is to contribute to improvements in the competitiveness of industry and other sectors by the development and dissemination of new knowledge in the areas of supply chain management and logistics. The research can be characterized as working with urgent industry problems and pioneering practice, with the purpose to build knowledge by treating and contributing to solving them with scientific methods. The research is mainly based on the systems approach, using primarily qualitative, but also quantitative, methods.

 Main focus has lately been on the following areas:

  • Security – to counter deviations, thefts, counterfeit and terrorism
  • Supply chain risk management – assessment, mitigation and risk sharing (incentive alignment)
  • Process based business development
  • Visibility – barriers and success factors when implementing increased supply chain visibility
  • Customer driven logistics innovation
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Performance measurement – process, company, supply chain, region and nation
  • Distribution – distribution centres, main gates and environmental impact

New projects will be developed within the areas of

  • Sustainable logistics
  • Humanitarian logistics





Jan Olhager
professor, prefekt

Andreas Norrman
professor, docent

Sten Wandel

Marianne Jahre

Teknisk logistik
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