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The Division of Engineering Logistics offers around 10 courses each year.

The concentration starts with the basic Logistics course for Industrial and Mechanical Engineering students. The course is open for additional students if they fulfil the prerequisite course criteria (see course syllabi).

The Division then offers a number of functionally oriented courses such as Materials Handling, Industrial Purchasing, International Physical Distribution and Factory Planning and Engineering. These courses are followed by process-oriented courses such as Process-based Business Development and Supply Chain Management and Project Management. The Division furthermore offers a course for Engineering students; Logistics for Construction Management.

The Division's pedagogical philosophy is based on interaction with the students, active student participation and close cooperation with industry. This philosophy is operationalised in the application of case studies, simulations, business games and projects hosted by local industrial organizations. The applied nature of our courses is furthermore illustrated via company tours and invited guest lecturers.

As the final part of their studies, the capstone project, students have the opportunity to conduct their Degree Project at the Division. We have a strong tradition and reputation for conducting rigorous master projects and, as a consequence, our students receive prestigious best thesis awards on a regular basis.

The Division of Engineering Logistics furthermore offers advanced graduate courses for doctoral students. These courses are offered regularly but on a demand basis.

Master's programme

A new two-year Master's programme in Logistics was launched in autumn 2015. The programme is primarily aimed at international students, but is also open to Swedish students.

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