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Om du har frågor om exjobb, en idé för ett exjobb eller ett förslag från ett företag, kontakta Eva Berg (eva.berg@tlog.lth.se), som gör en första bedömning av exjobbet och vem som skulle kunna passa som handledare.

För övriga administrativa frågor, kontakta Åsa Malm (asa.malm@lth.lu.se).

Metodkurs för Examensarbete inom Teknisk logistik

Alla som tänker skriva examensarbete vid Teknisk Logistik rekommenderas att gå Metodkurs för Examensarbete inom Teknisk logistik. 

Kursen ges nästa gång 16-17 januari 2023 kl. 9-12 i M:3145. 

Vid anmälan och frågor kontakta Jan Olhager (jan.olhager@tlog.lth.se).

Kurspresentation för metodkurs (PDF, 1,2 MB, nyflik)

Lediga exjobb

Do you want to write your Master Thesis within the topic of transport combined with sustainability with the objectives to create a transport strategy and a real-life action plan to support your theoretical perspectives?

The green agenda is quickly becoming a top priority for companies worldwide. Thus is especially true in the FCMG industry, where choosing the sustainable transport solutions has an immense impact globally.

Swedish Match strive to be a growing, profitable company that makes tangible and meaningful contributions through our sustainability efforts. But we want your help to further analyze, find and implement new green transportation solutions for us to continuously improve.

Our expectations & what we offer

We are looking for one Master Students in Economics and Logistics, e.g., within the Transport and Sustainable field, to take on this project as part of their Master Thesis. The purpose of the ex-job is to provide an overall picture of transport flow into, between and out of our 5 factories and together with the organization create a transport strategy and a real-life action plan.

About Swedish Match

Swedish Match is a listed company on the international market. We develop, manufacture and sell well-known brands of the highest quality in the Smokeless Products and Lights segments. With a flexible, innovative, and sustainable approach, we are working for having the right strategy, people, competences, products and structure in place to quickly meet changing market conditions. We want to maximize enjoyment of our products by minimizing the carbon footprint. With a portfolio of modern brands and brands with a long tradition, Swedish Match offers products both with and without tobacco that meet market demand. Offering tobacco consumers alternatives to cigarettes is at the heart of what we are doing. That's why we who work at Swedish Match are proud to work here – because together we make a difference!

More about Swedish Match

Contact Swedish Match for more information

Helena Lundén

Apply on Swedish Match website

Company Description

IKEA Industry, part of the Inter IKEA Group, is the world’s largest producer of wooden furniture and is an integrated part of the IKEA value chain. As IKEA’s own furniture manufacturer our role is to offer a unique advantage for IKEA as a world leader in home furnishing.

Our operations include forestry, sawmills, boards, component and furniture production. IKEA culture and values shape everything we do. Not only do the IKEA values bring us together, they also help us to do business successfully.

Job Description

Are you passionate about developing the next generation of production plants in global manufacturing company?

This master thesis at IKEA Industry expectation is to work with latest advances in digital production and further developing manufacturing processes in high-performing sustainable production systems.


This master thesis will evaluate and apply tools and methods in order to holistically optimize production system design in global manufacturing operations. Work includes close cooperation with industry experts, product development and several of the collaborating companies and research institutions.

Engineering and design should consider problem statement from system perspective with focus on seamless flow of material, people, knowledge and data based on IKEA Production System (IPS) foundations.

To exemplify, master thesis should orchestrate individual machine and its technical development into an efficient systematic interaction with flow capacity, knowledge capacity, people capacity, data capacity and organizational capacity with constantly shifting balance/bottleneck between those capacities


We are looking for you who are passionate about developing the next generation of production plants in global manufacturing company. We are looking for someone who Internal is enthusiastic about advanced development in intersection between material, product, digital and automation to offer customer even better home furnishing products which many more of the many will be able and excited to afford.

We also believe that you have a combination of the following knowledge and capabilities:

  • Supply chain operations
  • Production systems engineering
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Operations strategy Lean methodology

Additional Information

Location is flexible, supervisor is based at IKEA Industry office in Malmö, Sweden. Our wish is that you start 16th or 17th of January 2023.

Master thesis present opportunity for travelling and site visits.

For thesis specific questions please contact Automation development manager – rozle.penca@inter.ikea.com

Apply latest by 8th January, 2023. Please send in your CV and motivation letter in English as soon as possible since we are going through applications as they arrive.

We are looking for 2 students who work together.

To apply please follow this link: Inter IKEA Group Master thesis: Flexible production system – conceptual design | SmartRecruiters

Please note: To take part of the Thesis work, you have to be enrolled in a thesis course provided at university level/Thesis agreement with the Swedish university.


Supply Chain


Master thesis. 2 students completing 30 credits each


Providing world class aftermarket service is an essential part of Axis offering. Reverse Supply Chain at Axis focus on aftermarket repair/replacement of defect products. This is operated in a global network of partners (footprint). Return of defect products is authorized (RMA) by Axis Technical Service team and then shipped to local Repair partners located in different markets for repair or replacement. Products that cannot be repaired locally are shipped to central repair partners and to EMS partners with more advance repair capabilities. The Reverse Supply Chain footprint is continuously reviewed and updated to enable excellent customer service, minimized environmental impact as well as resilient and cost-efficient operation.


The goal is to research, develop and verify a computerized model to simulate Axis Reverse Supply Chain to form base for decisions on how to optimize the footprint going forward.

Examples of model input parameters: Repair volume and growth, CO2 emissions and cost of transport, repair capabilities, inventory locations, customs regulations, repair cost in relation to cost of new products.

Examples of model output parameters: expected repair/replacement turn-around time, CO2 emissions, total repair cost.

The result shall be presented as a demo of the simulation model.

We are open to adapt the goal and scope based on the students’ interest and competence.

Who are you?

For this Thesis proposal we target students with a strong interest in Supply Chain analytics and optimization, inventory management as well as Sustainability. You are probably studying a Master Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or Industrial Engineering and Management.

OK, I am interested! What do I do now?

You are valuable to us – how nice that you are interested in one of our proposals! There are a few things for you to keep in mind when applying.

  • Applications are accepted in both Swedish and English, and you apply via the proposal advert.
  • The announced thesis is open only to students affiliated with a Swedish University/College either directly or via an exchange program.
  • When the thesis proposal states that it includes two students working together, we would like you to apply in pairs. In these cases, send one application each but make sure to clearly state in your application who your co-applicant is. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Please attach your CV, Cover letter and University/College grade summary.

Who to contact for any questions regarding the position!

Per Castensson
Reverse Supply Chain Director
+46 705 163571

Sidansvarig: info@tlog.lth.se | 2022-09-28